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Our Three Favorite Grocery Stores Near West LA

Our Three Favorite Grocery Stores Near West LA

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Living in the West Los Angeles area is a dream for many people. This area continues to bring in many new visitors and residents as it is known for its great weather, access to local beaches, and plenty of amenities in the area. One local amenity that many people will take for granted in this area of Los Angeles is access to some great local grocery store chains. For those that are new to the West Los Angeles area, there are various grocery stores to consider that will offer you quality food and a great overall experience. 


Sprout’s Farmers Market 

One of the most popular grocery stores in West Los Angeles is Sprout’s Farmers Market, which offers various locations in this area including one on Westwood Blvd and Venice Blvd. This is a growing chain that started in Phoenix but has expanded a lot in the southwest. Sprout’s is well known for being a top grocery store with organic and fresh produce, a huge deli and butcher section, and one of the best beer and wine selections found in a grocery store. Sprout’s customers will also enjoy the hot bar, sandwich bar, and other prepared foods that can be enjoyed as a quick and delicious meal. 



For anyone that is looking for a high-quality and gourmet food in Southern California, Gelson’s continues to be a top grocery store. This chain today has just over 25 locations, all of which are located in California, several of which are near West Los Angeles. Gelson’s operates full grocery stores in the area, which allow for online ordering and pickup. However, it is best known for being a great option for picking up fully prepared meals to go, including holiday-inspired meals throughout the year. They also offer full gourmet catering services if you are looking to host an event and want to serve quality food. 




Having access to healthy and organic food is a priority for a lot of people in the West Los Angeles area. When you are looking for a healthy and delicious meal, or want some high-quality groceries, Erewhon is a great grocery store to consider. The Erewhon stores offer a wide range of products, meat and fish, and specialized frozen foods. Each location also has a great cafĂ© that will allow you to pick up a quick and convenient meal. This chain has around 8 locations in the Los Angeles area, including those in Venice, Santa Monica, and Pacific Palisades. 


Quality grocery stores are one of many amenities available to those in the West Los Angeles area. If you are looking to move here, finding the right place to live is important. When you are looking for West Los Angeles apartments, the NMS Overland is a great option to consider. This is a boutique apartment community that offers luxurious finishes in each unit and is well located, being a short walk or drive to all that West Los Angeles has to offer.

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