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7 Creative Ways To Use Your Second Bedroom

7 Creative Ways To Use Your Second Bedroom

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When you’re looking for an apartment to rent in West LA, all of the choices can be overwhelming. Would a co-living space work for you? Would you rather have your own one-bedroom apartment? Would it make sense to upgrade to a two-bedroom, even if you’re living on your own? 


Everyone has to decide which apartment is right for them, but if you’re on the fence about whether or not you should go with the second bedroom, consider some of these creative ways to use the extra space that just might make it worth it:  


Home Gym 

Many luxury apartments in West LA like NMS Overland have community fitness centers, but on days when you want to work out in your own space, a home gym is nice to have. In an apartment it’s important to be aware of the people below you, so thumping, dropping weights, and hours of running on the treadmill might not make your neighbors too happy. But lightweight training, yoga, meditation, and stretching are perfect for your apartment home gym. 


Home Office 

West LA is a hub for students and entrepreneurs, and a second bedroom could be the home office or study space you need to get work done. A home office should be a balance of comfort and efficiency and give you a place where you feel focused, creative, and productive.   


Craft/Hobby Space 

A second office could give you the room you need to organize the art supplies that have been taking up most of your bedroom space. It could be a place where you finally start that podcast or social media channel. If you have an indoor hobby that requires more space than you currently have, a second bedroom could be an easy solution to that problem. It would allow you to do what you love without having to leave the house or sacrifice space in other areas of your apartment.  


Extra Closet Space 

Apartment buildings have come a long way in terms of closet space, and luxury buildings like NMS Overland offer spacious closets and ample storage spaces. But can you ever have too much closet space? A second bedroom could be used as a dressing room or a place where you can hang clothes that you’re not wearing this season. With a few easy additions like open shelves, shoe organizers, a folding table, floor-length mirror, great lighting, and seamless storage options, you can easily convert that second bedroom into your own walk-in closet.  


Guest Room 

If you love having people over, a guest room is not a bad idea. When you have the extra space, it makes it easy to invite friends and family from out of town to stay with you and not have to put them on the sofa. To turn the second bedroom into a guest room you will need: 


  • A comfortable bed and linens 

  • A night stand 

  • A dresser 

  • Extra sheets and blankets 

  • A comfortable place to sit 

  • Bedside lighting 

  • Window coverings 

  • Closet Space 

  • Welcoming home decor 

  • Phone/Computer Chargers 


Gaming/Movie Room 

The second bedroom could also be converted into an Innovative gaming or movie room. Instead of watching your favorite movies on the TV in your living room, convert the second bedroom into a private theater. Invest in a projector that can show your favorite movies up on the wall, a surround sound system, and comfortable seating. Add cinema or gaming-inspired decor to the space and voila, you've got your own media room right in your apartment! 


At-Home Library  

If you're running out of places to store all of your favorite books, a second bedroom could be a great place to create your very own home library. All you need is soft lighting, comfortable seating, and floor-to-ceiling bookshelves to create a private reading Nook in the comfort of your own home. Leafy house plants, book-inspired decor, an accent rug, and a place to set your snacks and drinks can complete the space and give you a Pinterest-worthy reading area right at home.  


Bottom Line 

The NMS Overland is a boutique building with high-end apartments, furnished co-living suites, and unfurnished one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments. With so many options, you’ll easily find the layout that's right for you. And if you’ve been thinking about whether or not you should go for the two-bedroom, this is your sign to go for it.  


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